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I did not know this place existed and it would have probably helped a lot when i first found out i got HIV in January of 2012. It has been a crazy road!

When i first found out i got it i did not want to do anything about it, i was selfish and just mad at myself. I met a good friend that was positive and i was able to tell him that i had it too and he helped me go to my first appointment and start taking meds.

When i got my results from my lab tests, i was in shock. I was considered having full blow aids since my CD4 was below 200. As a 23 year old it scared me. I seriously thought i was going to die. The doctors and nurses i spoke to were so comforting and kept telling me that everything was going to be okay and that i was not going to die. I had made the mistake of not taking care of my body, i partied all the time and did whatever i wanted.

I was lucky enough to be in Dallas where there are a lot of programs so i was able to get into a clinical trial and i get all my medications for free. At first i thought i was some sort of lab animal but nope I'm taking really great medications that have helped me stay healthy

I am happy to say that one year later after my diagnosis my CD4 count is above 400 and I'm undetectable. I have a better view in life and I am so optimistic for the future and now i feel even better that i found this forum where i can ask questions or just express some thoughts and feelings!

Hey man, welcome to the forums! I'm from dallas too, and probably got infected there, so we have that in common! i also waited too long to get tested and wore my body down with partying for the past few years. No bueno! Glad things are going well for you with your treatment. Sorry you didnt find these forums sooner in your process but i'm sure you'll still benefit a lot from them. theres a ton of great information on here and really helpful and supportive people. Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk about dallas or HIV. :)

Jeff G:
Welcome to the forums Indie !

Welcome to the forums.  It is so great you had someone and stayed in care.  So many never know, until they are very ill.  And, many who do learn their status drop out of care, especially younger folks.  They are either in denial, or don't get the gravity of the situation.  Of course, there is access to care and socio-economic issues.

Glad to hear meds are working and your outlook is good.  My suggestion would be to keep an eye on a change in mood.  If you begin to experience depression, don't ignore it. 

Keep in touch and glad you found us. 


Congrats on the VL and CD4. Too many people panic with the HIV diagnosis. Yes, it is scary but no longer th grim reaper it was was in the past. I always played safe yet the potential infection was always with me. So, when I was diagniosed in April of 2010 I was a bit prepared. Still, it is a shocker.


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