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Becoming a low-level Lab Rat

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Yes, chillruns...I am due to start participating in a small study as of this Monday.  From what they've told me so far, it has to do with dosing, adherence and level of personal knowledge about the medicines I am taking - as well as about the disease itself.

It's mostly gonna be a series of interviews - both in person and over the phone - but they are also gonna wanna suck some blood out periodically (which I hate to even already be thinking about - yuck).  There was another one they asked me to consider participating in, but it involved a lumbar puncture - and I just didn't know if I was down with all that.

This thing does pay something or other, but not much.  Not really doing it for the money anyway.  Just sort of feel like contributing a little blood and tears....just not lumbar level tears at this time.  I've done other studies for them - some involving several days stays at Grady.  Those weren't all that fun.  We'll see how this one goes.

No big whoop.  Just felt like posting something, really.  Something that didn't involve No No's, Noni Juice or Nigerian cures.

This is awesome, Mister Tee.  Just be sure and stock up on chia seeds before you dive in.


--- Quote from: thunter34 on February 05, 2013, 11:22:37 PM ---Something that didn't involve No No's, Noni Juice or Nigerian cures.

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Noni Juice is delicious!

thunter34: update. 

My original start date for this got screwed up, and I ended up driving all the way down there and wasting an afternoon for nothing.  I got rescheduled, and did my first set of labs and interview.  Two things were gleaned from this:

1.)  I think it is now safe to say, some 10 years into infection, that I am all but certain to never become a junkie.  I am still such a total puss when it comes to needles.  I squirm, I tap, I hum, I look away, I b-r-e-a-t-h-e......

2.)  If you ever want another reality check about how easy so many of us have it with our current regimens, try performing the test I was given.  I had about a dozen bottles.  Some once a day, some twice, some three times, some four.  Some had to be taken with food, while others had to happen at certain points before or after meals.  Some couldn't be taken with certain types of food or drink.  I had to arrange a schedule for all the pill so that I took them at the appropriate times and with or without the foods.  I also had to be able to determine within the mountain of pills if I had missed doses of any of them, how many doses and, based on the labels of each, whether at a given time to go ahead and take the late/missed dose or wait until the next one.  I've been well over 95% adherent, but I still found this to get tricky.

Beyond that, the rest was fairly standard stuff about detailing how I actually carry and take my own meds, and my lifestyle choices and their potential impact on adherence.  (Does tweaking all weekend sometimes cause you to forget your meds?  Do you have a hard time taking your pills in front of a trick?  That sort of thing.) 


--- Quote from: thunter34 on March 09, 2013, 12:53:07 PM ---2.)  If you ever want another reality check

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ah! that brings back memories.  :D I remember when I dropped from 32 pills, tablets, gelcaps, and tablespoons of meds a day to only 28 a day and could finally go a whole 6 hours between doses.

did you find out what it was paying? just gas cards or somthing? LOL
how long/often is this study? it doesn't sound too bad - especially compared to lumbar punctures. :o


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