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If you're interested in supporting, you have to sign on by Feb. 6th.

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"HIV is not a crime. But according to our allies at the Positive Justice Project, most states continue to unfairly single out and target people living with HIV for criminal prosecution. This practice of ‘HIV criminalization' is a relic of the fear-based public policy response of the early HIV epidemic.

We believe it is time for these laws to become a part of the history books. Do you agree?

Show that you oppose the continued criminalization of HIV: sign on to the Positive Justice Project's Consensus Statement by Wednesday February 6!

Why the deadline? Because on February 7, the President's Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) will be considering a resolution urging the federal government to take concrete action steps to eliminate HIV criminalization. We need as many individuals and organizations as possible to sign on to the Consensus Statement to show PACHA that activists demand action to end HIV criminalization.

Read the Consensus Statement and sign-on here!"

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