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Missed 3 doses of my selzentry


On vacation and noticed I never put my Selzentry in the pill box.
Noticed it on Monday couple days into trip. First days of the trip the pill box was packed from previous week. So pissed I was so careless.
Have missed like 2 doses in 2.5 years.
But I always put my extra bottle of truvada and sels in my carry on bag so I was able to take meds ASAP.
Dr says don't sweat it. I'm just still pissed.

I like your doc's take.

Rather than be pissed, recall some highlights of your vacation.

There are plenty here who would love to take a vacation, miss three doses, get back on track and have a supportive doc. All good separately and heavenly combined.

As Charlie Sheen once said -- Winning -- you are!

Thanks em!
I just never want to fuck up med scd.


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