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Fastest combo?


I hope my bad english is understandable:)

I had a gastroenteritis and had to spit out everything for two weeks, the HIV meds too.
Now my VL load is 3 million; was UD for three years. I was shocked:), because in my latent years, before I took meds, the HIV was untreated never higher than 70.000 copies. I think it got furious because it was suppressed for so long:)

What do U think will bring down the VL pretty soon? ( Now I take Celsentri and Prezista; its a good combo but it takes a long time to get UD).
Stribild is not available in Europe and I can't stand Sustiva because of a light psychosis.

On Monday I will see my Dr., but a second opinion can't be bad.

Thank You

Setting aside efavirenz (Sustiva) based combos, you want Isentress + 2 nukes or boosted Prezista + 2 nukes.

Hope this helps and you can get these drugs.

Celsentri and Prezista is technically unproven (but tends to work if you have the right kind of HIV).

- matt

Thank You

I think I will try the Isentress or Prezista with nukes.

I got the Celsentri for some years in a Pfizer-study, don't know if it is approved yet.
I plan to take it again if I will be UD again. I like it, but it's too slow to get UD.


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