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Is this a symptom of HIV im scared please help



Well you certainly had a risk for HIV and other STDs, if I am reading you correctly.

Unprotected receptive anal sex is the highest risk for HIV, but your symptoms certainly do not sound remotely HIV related. The initial symptoms of HIV manifest as the body produces it's initial antibiotic response to the virus - that's why the symptoms are so easy to cast aside, as they feel more or less like any other immunological response (flu-like.)

HIV does not initially present as a cardiac event, which is what you describe. Great that you got help and medication for that, though.

An HIV test at six weeks is a great indicator of your status, but a test at three months is still considered definitive. PLEASE get a full STD panel done at that time, since man other STDs can do great damage without showing obvious symptoms, and since syphilis shared the three month testing window with HIV.

And I probably don't have to tell you that using a condom is easier than sweating bullets for three months - or dealing with HIV for a lifetime. Please consider that.


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