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Ejaculated in my mouth... Is that a risk?


This past Friday I was making out with this guy in his car and it progressed into me giving him a handjob for a bit and then a blowjob for 2-3 minutes. He came in my mouth without telling me and I didn't even realize, when I lifted my mouth off of him it just all spilled out. I did not swallow. At the time of the blowjob I did not have any cuts or ulcers in my mouth and I had brushed my teeth six hours prior.

I am worried that he gave me an STI like HIV. Yesterday, I developed a cold sore/cankersore on the inside of my mouth (I have been getting these since I was a child, I did not get them from him), but a sore usually only appears when I'm about to get sick/infected with a virus or super stressed. I also have a sore throat today.

Do you think I have anything? The guy told me he was clean, but his last test was 8 months ago and he has definitely hooked up since then.     

While you were not at risk for HIV, you might have given him herpes if your body was shedding viral particles at the time (you are describing a cold sore, which can be a form of herpes, and can be very contagious at the area before a sore even appears.)

You might even have a risk of other STDs. Unless your oral health is abysmal enough to circumvent the dozen or so elements in your saliva which render HIV inert (google "meth mouth" for an example) then you had no risk for HIV infection in the scenario you described.


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