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PMMA long term safety and results.... Anyone had it longterm?

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I had PMMA injections in face and buttocks in 2006. I have not experienced any complications and it still holding up.

Great to hear the success stories, also asked on yahoo's poz board and no one had  issues, some going back to 2002. I wonder why USA doctors are giving it a bad rap. I know there are people getting stuff they think is PMMA getting injected in them but that another story.

I had 2 times silicone in phoenix, az, about 10 yrs ago. looks pretty nice,  but i need more treatments, but is expensive to me.. i am under ryan white program, and my doctor referrer me to some dermatologist to get it done... I don't know what the doctor is gonna use to fill my face...

Miss Philicia:
If you are on Ryan White and, assumably, have a financial situation that is not obviously large, you should look into the patient assistance program for Sculptra (although not PMMA so will always need touch ups). The company that manufactures this product changed several years ago and is now owned by Valeant (used to be through Dermik), but as far as I know they still maintained the patient assistance program for those of us that qualify financially.

However, this assistance is for the medical material only and doesn't cover the doctor's time/expense.

I'm not sure, but I think there is an assistance program for Radiesse as well.

ps: I had issues renewing through Valeant after my last treatment which was from the old Dermik company, so much so that at this point while I should have been qualified for new treatment in 2012 they were telling me, no not until 2014 -- ridiculous as the majority of my initial treatments were at the end of 2010. Frankly at this point I'm considering just foregoing the entire process, because it usually takes me four treatments over a two year period, and while I get the product free I must pay $50 per treatment session which is a discounted rate for the doctor's time making the injections. While I am grateful for the doctor's discount and he does a marvelous job, that still comes to $200 and I must consider that I also routinely pay cash for prescription glasses and custom molded orthotics, which in the end are more crucial. Oh, and let's not forget ~$2400 in medical insurance premiums annually.

Thanks Miss Philicia. I found a doctor who take ryan white, is doctor sabata at harvey's clinic in Los Angeles, i might do it, next week.. My cheek are ok. it's not so deep like a used to be. thanks for the silicon.. I upload photos before and after...


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