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PMMA long term safety and results.... Anyone had it longterm?

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Hi, I am curious to hear from people who have has PMMA, preferable had it for years. I am loosing facial volume quickly it's like it's dissolving. I have used HA fillers but the cost of constantly having it done is a lot of money. I am aware of other fillers but want to focus on PMMA in this thread.

I just want to know if anyone has had any serious side effects after year of having it done. Plus, what are the results like after years....Is it still holding together and looking good?

Also considering getting it done and buttocks as lost a lot of volume there. Anyone who had it done there, would like to hear your results and opinions.

Thanks everyone x


wow...I really thought I would have had more responses. Does a forum that deals with this issue?

I've had liquid silicone for about four years with no side-effects and seems to be holding up... face is just showing signs of normal aging now.  Sorry, no experience with PMMA, but liquid silicone might be something to consider instead.  You'll need to be absolutely sure you're dealing with an experienced physician because once it goes in, it doesn't come out... and it can migrate if too much is put in at one time. It would only be applicable for the face.

I had PMMA twice in 2010.  Which isn't exactly long term but it's still holding up nicely.

Thanks for your responses x


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