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what should i do?


hey guys. please help me out on this.

been meeting this guy and he recently got tested positive. the last time we had sex was a week and a half back. with the previous times all being 2 weeks and before. we had mutual oral, no condoms. and the last exposure, he sat on my dick once. placing it at his hole. i'm not sure if it went in but he told me it didn't. it lasted for quite some time. all the while no condoms were used.

i was terrified and got tested today at the clinic. negative for oraquick. do i really have a risk here? i'm really afraid. is the test conclusive for the previous exposures with some being 3 weeks and more.

I honestly don't see that there was any risk here. You engaged in frottage (with just maybe a little dipping there) and mutual oral. The only concern I have is that often "dipping" (just putting the head in) can lead to full on unprotected sex. Please wear a condom for that.

Of course, if your guy is on meds and undetectable, you have a better chance of being mauled by a bear than acquiring HIV.

thanks for the reply. i'm still worried. what are the chances for a little unprotected dipping?


--- Quote from: reallyworriedguy on February 07, 2013, 04:51:27 AM ---thanks for the reply. i'm still worried. what are the chances for a little unprotected dipping?

--- End quote ---

As there have been no studies on the topic, it's only possible to speculate based on what we know about the insertive partner in general. The risk to the insertive partner, while not zero, is significantly less than the receptive partner.

Honestly, if you want to test for your peace of mind, go ahead. I would not think it remiss if a person did not think to test over the events as you describe them, but if you need the verification to quell your anxieties, then a test at six weeks would be all but definitive (a test at three months is still the gold standard.)


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