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I'm thinking of switching regimens to prezista/truvada/norvir wondering if anyone has ditched Atripla or as I like to call it these days "the insomnia pill" for a friendlier pi regimen? Would I have to take 2 prezistas plus the truvada and norvir? What is the recommendation for this regimen for patients who have already been on treatment? Maybe Ann or Miss P could shed some light, as I remember they recommended they took this regimen. I'm also thinking about Intelence/truvada. But as someone who has only been on an NNRTI, wondering if I should expect anything different from a PI regimen. I know I'd have to take more pills a day, but correct me if I'm wrong, that actually won't make a difference.

I took that Trazodone and dayum that stuff is effective you out like a light on it! So it helps, but I am actually hopeful that a PI regimen might be worth trying for me.

I switched from Atripla to Prezista/norvir/isentress.  I don't do the Truvada part of it, which is not normal for most folks, just something me and my doctor discussed.  I have no issues with it at all.  you can take either 2 400/mg Prezista or 1 800/mg prezista


  Hey  Robby ,

                       I switched to  prezista/truvada/norvir    several months
 ago .  I am in heaven  :)

    I was on Reyetaz / norvir / truvada for several years and felt like crap , I spent
  a few years in the bathroom  :-[

    Good luck with this  regimen  as it is friendly to the gut and I have found
   few side effects ,I am not yellow anymore .
       Still have belly issues  about once a week , But oh GOD
  everyday was killing me ! 

                                              Be well ,


 Hey , I take two prezista's , one truvada & a norvir  ;)

  and ............... Loperamide , two capsules !


Sounds like you are doing great on prezista/norvir/truvada, weasel! Ann and Miss P also mentioned this combo as being very easily tolerated. And taking more pills wouldn't bother me, it doesn't mean it's more potent than the once a day regimens. I've done great on Atripla and hate to ditch it but the insomnia isn't worth it. I'd want to avoid Reyetaz tho. As far as Isentress, I'm sure it's better than Atripla, but it is known for insomnia also as Ann mentioned to me once. So I'm probably going to go with the prez/norvir/truvada when I change.


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