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Marriage Protection Amendment

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it's dead on the senate floor

as it was supposed to. Just a game. Never had a chance.
Even heard two conservatives on msnbc last night, coulter and the guy with the bow tie,both saying it really didnt seem fair if gays were banned from marriage.
as time goes by things change,slowly,but they change. like watching a glacier.

Yup, me and my un-exorcised buddy demon all wrapped up together in this un-exercised body didn't believe many in congress would take this BS amendment seriously.

We're just say'en.

Bill and  Bill

Hello Joe,

All I can say is " where is Mary Cheney now" ?  :-\


 And, Isn't that Ann Coulter, real special,  loving and caring..? Maybe we should have the' burn" the Ann Coulter book day.

Ray >:(


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