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Consequences of starting treatment later?

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i had symptoms like this but they seem to have gone away since i started meds. also, washing your face too much might dry out your skin even more and anger your dermatitis...

Strange, so you've stopped sweating after starting HIV therapy; I've started taking the HIV pills two months ago, but I still sweat quite much, and that happens only when I sleep, but each and every night... I wonder what could that be.

i think you might jsut have to wait until your cd4s come up a bit?

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: hiv_positive_BG on February 16, 2013, 01:33:13 PM ---I still haven't told the doctors about it, I'm trying to deal with this by using nourishing cremes and washing my face more often.

--- End quote ---

Have fun with that because I seriously doubt it will work. You need an anti-fungal cream for skin areas and shampoo for scalp area. I realize that you live in Bulgaria but these should not be difficult to obtain nor expensive. And while certainly most people see this issue decrease once going on medication, I can say that personally even being on treatment and a really high cd4 count that I sometimes have it flare up so these are still good items to have around for that.

Miss Philicia, thanks for the advice, my CD4 count goes up quite well I believe, yet I can't deal with seborrhoeic dermatitis and sweating. I'll wait for some more days and find anti-fungal cream, as you advice me. Thanks a lot.


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