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Consequences of starting treatment later?

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--- Quote from: hiv_positive_BG on February 16, 2013, 01:39:25 PM ---Strange, so you've stopped sweating after starting HIV therapy; I've started taking the HIV pills two months ago, but I still sweat quite much, and that happens only when I sleep, but each and every night... I wonder what could that be.

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Здрасти, BG. It's possible that your night sweats are completely unrelated to HIV. I used to have them for years before HIV. I had them during and after seroconversion, during and after medicines. I don't have them very often anymore, but I still do from time to time. I'm glad they've stopped, but I used to wake up with a bed as wet as if I'd taken a bath. Waking up to that on a cold morning is no joy. Luckily I sleep alone.

It can be many things. But it's often stress, anxiety, fear. It may not be, and I don't want to minimize the problem. I know it can be terrible to live with. But if you can, try not to worry too much.

Между другото, аз лошо говоря български, но спомням си няколко думи. ;)

oksikoko, your Bulgarian is brilliant, if I have to judge from your last sentence :) Maybe you've left Bulgaria as a child, or?

To be honest, I don't sweat at night anymore. Plus skin problems get better and my face looks clear now...

But what is strange: I feel my "swollen", or enlarged lymph nodes on the neck tighten, I've started feeling them being there (until now I've only seen them in the mirror, now I feel there are two bumps on my neck). I guess they were softer up to now. They get smaller, but what is strange: I see them "beating" with the rhythm of my heart, as strange as it seems! They enlarge a bit with every beat of my heart, as if I have two more hearts on the neck... That's really, really strange and I think it's high time those enlarged lymph nodes disappear, yet it doesn't happen and I fell them get harder and even "beating"... wow.

I just want to thank Miss Philicia for the advises and the PM as well!

Hello again, I hope it's possible to ask one more question... I felt I've got a sore throat yesterday evening, so I drank one multivitamin tablet - that always helps me. I've drank a couple of green tea glasses in the morning, and a few hours later everything is fine again. Yet, I see two smaller lymph nodes have appeared above the two bigger on my neck. The first two appeared when I was diagnosed with the HIV. Those two started getting smaller with time, yet have not disappeared yet. Now, the new two, which are even more smaller, came up. Should I do something, or that's due to the fact I was about to catch cold, but, hopefully, neutralized it?

I can only speak for myself, but I started treatment very late (As in 119 pounds, 63 T Cells, Viral Load off the chart) and 10/11 years later, I'm still here.  For the first year the T Cells climbed from 63 to about 450. Today they are in the 900-1100 range and Viral Load is undetectable.

I would say, try not to get caught up in the numbers and let your doctor worry about that. It sounds cliché, but the less worrying you do, the better you'll feel. HIV can do a number on the body, but as you get better and your immune system builds up more, a lot of the symptoms go away. Lymph nodes can act up for a multitude of reasons, but HIV definitely can make them swell.... but so can a cold and all sorts of things. Talk to your doctor next time you see him (or give him a call) and hopefully he can reassure you that you don't need to worry so much.


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