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Super Bowl 47!

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What's everyone got planned? Do you watch for the game or for the commercials?

I saw a preview of the Kia Comemrcial with the baby in the spacesuit and the baby animals all in spacesuits, looked adorable ;) The Mercedes one looks like it might be good although they are only showing 3 seconds of it on the previews.

And how about Beyonce, I cannot wait to see her at halftime. As many of you know when artists perform at halftime shows it is often some of the worst performances, given the acoustics, and layout, etc... but it's always fun to watch. The outlyer in this would be Justin and Janet and the infamous "wardrobe Malfunction", which was epic.

I'll be going to a SuperBowl Party and getting my game on, and maybe a few Dos Equis as well ;) Should be a blast!

Am in DC and will be watching on the big screen TV in the basement.

Usually like the commercials.

Will Ms. B sing "O say can you see?" and make it fierce? 

I'll be watching from the seattee.   


I've got a pork shoulder smoking as we speak. Will meet up with friends at our favorite watering hole to watch on their BIG screen. I'm looking forward to Jennifer Hudson singing with the choir from Newtown. Should be a tearjerker. No prediction from me cuz I ain't jinxing my boys from the bay.

Oh, before I forget Ms. Wump will you pleeeeze pick the Ravens, so SanFran can be assured a victory. :P

Cue Miss P to piss on this thread.

I've got two different types of DiGiorno (sp?) pizzas, some wings, and liquid refreshments...

Trying to bust out this homework assignment for Organizational Management - which deals a lot with motivation (much of which I am lacking) - so that I will be able to focus on the game/commercials/and obligatory crotch watching  ::)

Nothing like a football player in tight pants in the Dome - which is temperature controlled, so no shrinkage occurring....  ;D

Oh, and the commercials and Beyonce...

Miss Philicia:
mmm... frozen pizza, Phil! You really went all out this year. Is that thin crust or thick, veiny & chewy?

Can someone tell me what time this comes on and what network? I guess I might have it on in the background while I clean my toilet.

Oh, and I bought fixins fo' nachos but forgot to get anything to drink. Is it OK to drink water during a Super Bowl? And I guess I should root for Baltimore as it's only 95 miles away. I bet the queens at The Hippo will be feasting on crab legs today. Fuck that pork shoulder!

ps: if you fine folks were up here we could go to one of the largest indoor frat parties in the world to watch this sad, pathetic game.


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