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--- Quote from: sumboy on March 14, 2013, 10:13:58 AM ---Just gotten my results after much test. CD4 is 411. According to the dr I will not need treatment yet but he see me needing it this year. Is it possible to determine the period I got infected?

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Hey sumboy -

I'm not exactly sure if you can determine the period in which you got infected. I would think that would be quite difficult, I had to think back to my sexual encounters for me to figure it out. But I'm wondering about you starting treatment. I just tested poz feb 4th,2013 and my CD4 count was 602, I started treatment this past Saturday march 10th. My doctor is of the belief to start treatment ASAP for 2 reasons: 1) to get viral loads undetectable so you are less likely to pass it on to others and 2) the longer you wait and the lower your CD4 count the harder it is for your count to rebound.

I'm not saying you should start treatment right away but I would definitely talk that possibly over with your doctor. Just a suggestion.

I don't think OP can get meds before CD4 is < 350 unless he goes for expensive private treatment.

Also, it is difficult to determine when you got the disease as they do not measure your VL. Did you ask your doctor for the CD4 percentage? A low percentage has been associated with faster disease progression.

For me, I could quite pinpoint the day I got infected because I had a memorable bout of illness 2 weeks after that encounter (I am convinced that was my sero-conversion). I tested poz 2.5 months later. And my CD4 numbers are quite indicative of that as well (Fast progression).

But as always, who and how you got the disease becomes irrelevant very quickly (unless it was a blood transfusion). Stay healthy and take care!


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