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Peripheral neuropathy is a bitch

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Other than fasiculations over the years I had not experienced the intense, searing pain associated with some forms of peripheral neuropathy until recently. It involves mostly my left leg-from the hip to the foot. The research/science is all over the map, especially with HIV on board.

Curious as to who else has had this experience and what you did for relief. I almost went to the ER last night the pain was so great. Is it time for oxy?

Jeff G:
Hi Mishma , I'm not certain from your post if you have been diagnosed with PN or not . The pain in your left leg could be a disk problem as well . I suffer from PN but have disk problems as well and it involves my left leg from hip to toe . Either way it may be worth looking into .

If its PN there are medications such as lyrica combined with antidepressants that may bring some relief , if you haven't tried it I would think your doctor would try and treat it with something other than narcotics as a first choice . Its rather had to advise you with what little information you provided here so far . Hope you get some relief .

I've been diagnosed with conduction blocks and demylination via EMG last year. Had all the imagining done of my spine, hips/pelvis (arthritis and hip dysplasia), muscle biopsies you name it. Funny thing is that I'm fine on the stationary bike and pumping iron but if I walk or stand too long it can come on like a bandit. Have had some great PM responses from folks. Like most of these things that effect us, it comes and goes.

Appreciate your input jg1962 as well as you others that PMd me.

I've had PN for years, since the early 90's.  It does not come on from standing or walking too long.  I agree with Jg that your pain may originate from something else.  Not that you don't have PN, but it doesn't particularly sound like it.   My PN pain comes from nowhere, whether sitting, lying down, or standing.

I take Lyrica for this issue.  I used to take Neurontin at a high dose (800 mgs 3 times a day), but switched to Lyrica.  It works pretty well for me, I haven't experienced some issues others complain about, such as drowsiness. 

Good luck with this.  I would have a serious discussion with your doctor to examine this issue further.

Although I think something more is going on, my ID doc went with the conclusions of the neurologist who conducted my EMG last year when I presented with drop foot.

1) Motor Predominant Peripheral Polyneuropathy
2) Multifocal motor neuropathy with conduction block

We discussed the drugs recommended by you folks who had similar issues and since mine, like many of yours, waxes and wanes, he's got me on lortabs (as there known in this part of the country-hydrocodone vs oxy). He also signed my application for a handicap placard.

I'm still biking and pumping as much iron as I can, but walking/standing remains a bitch.

Of course the issue still remains: Is it the drugs were taking or is it the virus and why is it usually confined to my left leg.


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