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I'm a physician and work 80+ hours/week and when I cover call, I'm up for a 25-30 hour stretch.  I have noticed that my "stamina" isn't quite what it was before diagnosis, but I definitely felt better after starting meds.  The fact is, folks, we are NO different than anyone else.  We just have to be more diligent about our health.  All of us that have responded on this page are leaders, and I'm convinced that by showing the world we are bright, successful, loving people, we will be one step further in overcoming the stigma of HIV.  We can do this!!

Good post here...  Since I have been diagnosed I have been going through this anti-climatic thought process of 'what now'.  And so far nothing has really changed.   

I manage and run a medium sized private company. I work long hours and travel 50% of the time.  The job is stressful but not as stressful as going through a divorce and raising three kids. 

I have wondered lately about giving up the big salary and perks to either start my own gig or do something to benefit others in my situation.   That said, I need to get through divorce and see how the finances shake out. 

On a side note, I did have my cd4 count drop from 502 to 250 in the past two months.   I am scared because I am still newly diagnosed and I am pausing on my dreams because of the fear.  Hopefully I was just under the weather when I got tested.  I will find out soon because I got retested yesterday. 

I wish Arkansas had better healthcare options for HIV.   

I work as a graphics designer from 7am - 4 pm mon- fri.  Fri I get home and grab a quick bite before a nap and then bartending from 9- about 3 a.m.

During the week i am normally up at 3 a.m. to have my coffee, packing bfast and lunch and then head to the gym at around 4:45 a.m. (im a creature of habit) Mon - Fri

Saturday its time with friends and cocktails and beers...also add in the occasional concert or party or this, that and the other.

The graphics job i have been at for 13 years
Bartending for 10
Positive for 6 years this month

The biggest SUCK has been recovery time.  At 24 i could sleep it off and be ready to do it again.  At 44 DAMN it takes two days to feel normal again. 

HIV aint stopping me....father time is! LOL

Sales manager for a large corporation with a sales team located all over the US.   I generally work about 70 hours a week and travel over 150k miles per year.  Last thing on my mind is HIV (other than the nightly Atripla.)  In fact, dealing with the setback and the diagnosis 7 years ago has motivated me to work harder and achieve more.   I don't take my success for granted, and I do respect anyone who makes another choice, but I strongly believe you can put yourself in a situation where you can be very successful despite HIV. 

Its great to see us keeping busy.. I think my Dad instilled a unorthodoxed work ethic within his kids.  We all work hard.  I work about 90 hours per week as an Accountant at one job and and Loss Prevention EMT at another.   The rest of the time its on the slopes or hiking,biking rafting or my favorate is seeing how many times I can get to Moab for Jeeping...   HIV has not slowed me down, but the loss of friends because of either addiction or not paying attention to their health has caused me to deal with that.  Which I do not do well with.  I always ask why...  I still remain single after William's death basically due to denial of addiction and then not taking his hiv seriously enough to run away and think that positive energy was going to save him.  His geographic failed him.   So, I plug along single hopeing one day I may feel up to trying out a relationship again.  Thats what I miss the most.  I talk with my Mom who lost my father last May.  She says, "what do I have to live for at 83 years old without my husband?  Well Mom, I ask the same thing at 48 without Mine.  I hope between both of us, we can find that answer.   I enjoy my time alone for a very short period of time...  I understand my Mom..   

Keep busy,  sitting around aint good for any of us...



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