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--- Quote from: NycJoe on February 10, 2013, 02:25:25 PM ---Funny I wasn't working when I got diagnosed (I was so tired back then in '04 because my viral load was so high).  But I went back to school in my 40s got my degree and now have a Mon-Fri job that I really like.  It is stressful but I feel that when I wasn't working I was obsessed with my HIV status thinking about it all the time.  I needed this job for my financial and mental well being.  A time may come when I don't feel like or am unable to keep up.  In the meantime I'm kicking ass!


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Great post!

Ya know, while it seems melodramatic to think you can't work and live pretty much normally when you have your HIV under control, there is some truth in what the doctor said.
Studies do in fact show that stress kills! Not hard work, but on going stress takes a toll on your health and your life expectancy- even if you were not HIV+.

Changed jobs last year and the reduction in stress has be transformative.  I sleep more easily now, feel much better and I find it easier to deal with other life issues. (Not to mention that my partner says I'm much less of a pain in the @ss)

So consider finding ways to reduce stress, but don't short change yourself by thinking you can't meet the challenges of a career just because you are HIV+.

I'm in middle-management in health care.  Up 05.30 everyday and after that doing the mummy thing (my second full-time job!).  Bed at 9 every night I am so exhausted.  But I'm tired because I drink too much, eat crap and don't exercise ;-) nothing else...

Been working steadily since infected with HIV, although it has slowed me down.  The meds interfere with my sleep and I have to deal with that.  At my age (56), I just acquiesced to the fact that work has to take highest priority if I'm going to be able to keep up.  That means no time off (no vacations) and lots of weekend work in order to to space all the hours out.  I'm a programmer, chained to a desk all day staring at a monitor, and really can't do much more than 12 hours/day.  Sigh... so yet another weekend lost to work this Sat and Sun.

Personally, I would trade retirement any day for work.  I want to retire ASAP.  I hate being a 8:30 - 7+ slave, racing to try to fit a life within the few spare moments left after work.  The "Queen of Versailles" stated how she got the H out of computer programming when her first boss was elaborating on his count-down program to retirement.  She asked why he would even write such a thing and he said the day the clock runs out is the day his life begins.  Needless to say, she quickly mapped out anothe path for her life.  For those that have managed a way to survive without working, kudos to you.

I work full time (40 hours a week) for a pharmaceutical company.

HIV hasn't changed my career path, not that I have much of a career path at 25 years old lol.


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