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What's your Job? Run a business? Work full time?

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This sounds like when the hospital doc told me to get rid of my dogs.  He was clueless.  If you're not stressed or you thrive on good stress, then so what, who cares?  --Joy Behar.


--- Quote from: Delby on February 01, 2013, 07:47:06 AM ---Hi All,

I remember when I was diagnosed and a Doctor friend of mine said, 'if your working, make sure you get a job that's not stressful and the hrs are only 10.30am - 4pm'. I remember thinking why?

--- End quote ---
Sounds like a iffy doctor and iffy friend.  Instead of thinking "why" it might have been good to ask him why.  Maybe you could tell this story to him again, and help him be a better doctor.

I am in between permanent jobs now and freelancing.  My last job had several adult babies (with me sometimes in the role of the male nanny).  This brought  negative stress that started to adversely impact my health and quality of life. I discussed it with my doctor who very thoughtful and supportive.

Positive or productive stress, in my view, is good.  I have always worked hard and love that feeling after putting in a good day.

I look forward to moving to my next permanent job on a more focused career path.

I'm in school part-time this semester, only taking STUPID ALGEBRA, and english.
Work part time in the retail secitions of a travel center, and looking for a second p/t job, or one f/t job.  I also have a f/t job of having a boyfriend and playing debbie domestic.

  My doctor tells me he's not sure how I do my schedule, but as long as I know when to slow down, he doesn't complain to much to me about it.

Michelle 8)

 Some great replies to this post. I wanted to create this discussion with the intention of helping others that may not be fullfilling their dreams/goals or sitting on life's 'sidelines' because they incorrectly believe being HIV positive should hold you back in life. Sure your ambitions and goals my change, but a diagnosis should not change your plans in life. Whether you work as a garbage man, a librarian, a charity or run a global multi national company, it doesn't matter. What matters is participating in life. Work is the greatest elixir in life. It gives you focus and purpose. Man needs purpose and we are born to create, work and use our minds. Like I said it doesn't matter whether your working unpaid or for even if you may be currently unemployed but just as long as you don't use your HIV as an excuse not to move forward and be involved.

I am fully aware some are unfortunate enough not to be able to work due to illness and disability. That's the same in every disease from diabetes, heart disease and even asthma. But life is for participation and to those fortunate enough to have the health to work, get out there and follow your dreams. In essence that's one way of conquering this disease. Your guys (and gals) have shown in this post that anything is possible.

Look at me. I was suicidal 7 yrs ago after my diagnosis. My life fell apart and I quit work and quit life. I dropped out.  I went from a happy young man of 28 to a wreck overnight. Now I'm married, have 3 children and run 2 companies. I am truly blessed. Sure this disease is shit. But truth is I suffer more from my insomnia (4 hrs sleep a night) and my Ulcerative Colitis than I do from my HIV on a daily basis. It's a nasty disease but for the first time in my life I truly believe that if I can stick around for another 15-20 yrs, we're going to be looking at some very different treatment options than the present. I never used to have this hope, but within that time frame I believe it's now possible.

So live for the future and go out and get what's yours. You deserve it and you CAN do it. No one is stopping you except you.


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