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What's your Job? Run a business? Work full time?

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Hi All,

I remember when I was diagnosed and a Doctor friend of mine said, 'if your working, make sure you get a job that's not stressful and the hrs are only 10.30am - 4pm'. I remember thinking why? Why can't i work full time and achieve my aspirations. So now I run 2 businesses and it's very much full time.

I just wanted to know what you thought - is this too much, or should we aim for the stars? Look at Majic Johnson - he's a massively successful entrepreneur and works extremely hard and late hours.

So what's your employment, hours of work etc?

Delby  :)

I study and work part time at the moment. Up and running at 09 most days and then in bed at around 23. I work out 5 days a week as well. Used to be a real workoholic before, never any vacation and also lots of OT. I hope when I graduate to work at least 5 days a week, office hours and also be able to keep up the workout routine. With my current energy levels I dont think it will be a problem. Work helps me to keep my mind of things so mentally I thinks its better for me.

I know several HIV+ people who have high-stress jobs and work long hours (I personally am not one of them).  They handle the stress and long hours in exactly the same way as an HIV negative person would.

I run an international business and have 30 people in a developping country, the operation is new so needs a lot of organization and supervision work and Im also studying, very few holidays, working for 8 AM to 7-9PM...  My doc does tell me to reduce stress now!!!  Im have no problem with stress and think I deal well with it, the business has run really great ; anyway Im about to stop some months to travel and will move to Canada this year for  -I hope- a cooler life...

I run a good size business. I have good employees that help as they did before dx.
Never even occurred to me to step down. Still go to gym 6 days a week. Still get shit faced on sat nights.
Never thought of changing any of this. Though I do feel that I don't sweat the little bull shit at work as much and I feel I'm not as living for biz as I did before dx.


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