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Friend has dementia, no spouse, little contact with family, didn't sign a POA.  Skilled nursing facility wants a bunch of $ up front because his insurance will only pay 30 days.   

Anyone have experience getting guardianship of an adult?  Without spending a fortune on attorneys?   Is it easier if it's his mother or sibling?

thanks for any advice. 

Good luck! I've been dealing with the spouse of a friend who has dementia and alzheimers. I go over two or three times a week just to give him a break - she has hit the point where she is losing the cognitive abilities.

It isn't easy to get POA for an adult. Does the friend have a caseworker? I can ask around and see if anyone I know has any advice.

Thanks DrewEm!

Family is finally involved and dealing with the guardianship process.   Boy what a nightmare.   

Everyone - fill out a POA if you haven't yet and save your friends and family a lot of trouble!

You are elcome! Dementia is a tough cooke. My ex and I dealt with his housemate's father's dementai - he was a former Philly detrective. He could be violent at times. From experience I can tell you that you should be prepared to answer the same question several times - do not get angry, this only causes anguish with the sufferer. Rather, be pleasant and answer - remember, the dementia sufferer has no idea they just aked the same question fifteen seconds ago.

If you need help just PM me here.

POA: there are two of them. One is a financial POA, the other is health. I found this out when a friend of mine had a major stroke. He and his wife had POA's drawn up prior to the event. It turns out they didn't cover health issues, only financial issues. That turned into a nightmare for his wife to be able to make health decisions on his behalf when he couldn't.

As far as your long-term care issues, you need to research places that your friend can live that have to accept Medicare/SSA as full payment for his care after his assets are depleted.


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