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Hmmmm, yeah sorry I couldn't be of more help and more sorry that you're in this situation to begin with! Hope you figure everything out. :(

Yeah, it'll be fine. Thanks, and don't feel bad. ;) I appreciate that you took time to answer at all.

By the way, I'm looking at your signature file.  It looks like we have similar numbers. I was diagnosed on 11/20, higher VL, but higher CD4. The nonprofit I worked for shut down on 12/21. Nothing happened until the first week of January - every office I needed was closed, but I was everywhere that first of 2013. My unemployment insurance kicked in a couple of weeks ago (yay!) and I finally got clearance for ADAP last week (double yay!). I need to move, but I can't afford first/last/deposit, at a new place, so I'll need to do what I can (weekly rentals, shelters) until I can save that up. Realistically, this is going to take a couple of months (my UI payments are welcome but low and NYC rents are high), but you reap what you sow, and the other Reaper has come for his due. ;)

Yeah I actually lost my job in early december but dont even qualify for unemployment. Luckily I have a nice (rich) family willing to help me and cheap rent. I've also been picking up gigs doing cater waitering stuff. I'm currently an apprentice pilates instructor which pays next to nothing, so until i finish all these hours im pretty broke as well, though fortunately not in the homeless category. where are you going for all your care? i've found mt. sinai to be really great and helpful. they set up my ADAP, and hooked me up with a great social worker, doctor, psychiatrist and a support group for newly diagnosed gay guys in their 20's.

I went to Mt. Sinai too. They submitted the ADAP papers, but won't help with anything else. They wouldn't even refer me. I go to GMHC for mental health services, but I went on my own.

I think it's because I had insurance when I was diagnosed, but needed ADAP right after and that messed up their files or something. Or they just don't like me. I have no idea. I don't really talk to them anymore.

Miss Philicia:
Have you looked into going to the Center for Comprehensive Care? They do everything there -- HIV care, dental, mental, case workers, etc. even on-site pharmacy.


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