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Weird! They've been so great with me. Everyone there has been super nice and helpful. I was actually referred there by the GMHC, which is where i got my western blot. Hmmm i guess it really is a different journey for everyone!

Thanks, Miss Philicia! I'll look into Comprehensive Care. Not for this, it's too immediate. But I'll have time on my hands with nowhere to go next week. ;) I've actually been looking for some way to see a dentist.

texaninnyc87, it sounds like you have enough on your own plate. My advice: always put more back than you think you can. Even if it's $5 extra dollars a week.

Mt. Sinai: Yeah, I didn't understand it either. I can be a dick as much as the next guy (well, more), but I've been as nice as possible since I'm basically begging everywhere I go. I'm getting charity fatigue, but they were the first people I saw, so I was fresh. ;) I hate going there, so I don't. They always tell me to wait, wait, and I don't have anymore time to wait. I told them the situation on 11/20/2012. It's almost February. The doctor I'm supposed to see is there too, but he's on the other side. He saw me when I had insurance and agreed to see me under this new paradigm.

I'm sure that it was something I did or said wrong that screwed up Mt. Sinai's interest or ability to work with me, but I'll need to focus on that after next week. Right now, I want to improve my shelter list while I'm still in a location I've paid for. ;) In other words, I'd like to focus on my salad now. Hehe...

I seem to have hijacked my own thread, haha. The topic here is HIV-positive/LGBT-friendly shelters. :)

Follow-up: I made some more calls, and it sounds like it doesn't matter and that one is as good as the other. But you have to go through intake anyway, so I guess if I tell them, they wouldn't send me someplace known to be bad for people like me.

Thanks, everyone. :)


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