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Hey, kids.

I have some information, but I'd like to add to it. Does anyone have knowledge about or experience with NYC shelters, in particular, which are better or worse to try for a single gay male, HIV+. First-hand info will be particularly appreciated.

I know a few kids who use HOFSA (sp?) in order to deal with housing issues. They'll find a place for you to stay if you qualify and help to pay for your rent and find you a permanent apartment. I'd look into it if i were you.

It's called HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration). ;) But I'm not eligible. Thanks, though. :)

"To establish eligibility, an applicant must have been diagnosed, at any time, with clinical symptomatic HIV illness as defined by the New York State AIDS Institute or with AIDS as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Hmmm there might be some way of getting around this? Two of the guys I know using HASA have high CD4 counts and are not even on meds. Do you have a social worker?

Thanks for your reply. I'm not being a help-seeking complainer - if I could get into HASA, I would. ;) It's just not an option.

Your friends may have at one time had a certain diagnosis that got them into HASA, then their condition approved. HASA doesn't require you to stay sick. You just have to have had one from a list of diagnoses. Even if I have had one, you have to have had it documented by the right person in the right agency.

Yes, I have a case worker. They know I have a housing issue. They can't help. I also talked to someone at GMHC since I was there for other reasons. They're great, but since I'm not in HASA, all they can do is refer me. I've been to Partnership for the Homeless. They're also great, but they can't help unless I'm willing to squat in the location I have now, and I just can't do that to the other person who lives here. It's not his fault that I'm in this situation, and I'd rather deal with the consequences myself than get him thrown out.

So, I have a list of shelter options, but people here always seem to have good info on things to avoid and things to do. I thought I might save myself some trouble by crowdsourcing it. ;)


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