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AIDS Vaccine Tested in Marseilles


This was posted about in a previous thread today, but the title was confusing and it was also posted in conjunction with another vaccine attempt.  So this thread is just about the French vaccine.

Here's the first link --

And the second link -- in French --

There will be 48 HIV+ volunteers, enrolling in April 2013.  Using google translate, and edited:

Erwann Loret, Marseille is the researcher, at the Clinical Research Centre of  Marseille.

The new vaccine was developed after 15 years of research and tested in 2006 on macaques via a hybrid strain of the virus, and produced good results and even a case of disease remission for one of the seven monkeys.

They will dose 48 HIV-positive volunteers, all with UD VL and on HAART.  The treatment inactivates the Tat protein secreted by cells infected with HIV. Says Loret:  "The Tat protein forms a shield virus, vaccination should destroy this screen as well as cells infected with HIV."

The first clinical trial should last about a year and specifies three injections per patient.  There will be a two-month STI. 

Says Loret: "The first phase of vaccination must first determine the effective dose contributing to eradication of the virus. In a second step, the assay is then used in a second cohort of 40 patients before a third test phase developed on a larger scale. If the initial results of clinical trials conducted by Erwann Loret should be published in mid-2015"


"we must unfortunately wait 5 or 6 years to get permission to market the vaccine,"


"I am confident I have accumulated scientific evidence on the effectiveness of the vaccine, the monkey trials are very promising, they showed undetectable viremia in infected animals 56 days after the onset of infection . "


"No vaccine has ever been able to demonstrate any curative effect until now. If our work leads us to believe that the vaccine is likely to be effective, it will still wait for trials before declaring victory. "


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