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Happy Birthday Jk !

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Happy Birthday!!  Hope you have/had a great day.

You must be more loved on here than someone else -- you didn't need to start your own birthday thread!!


Happy birthday sweetheart! Here's to many, many more happy and healthy birthdays, and days in general.


^^that's me toasting to your good health^^
Birthday hugs,

Third party this week for my birthday. The ferret rescue held one, the game night people made cajun food, and now Chris orchestrated a bunch at a fine dining Creole place. I have had awesome crab cake, oysters on the half shell, and my weight in fruity rum drinks.

Sitting here with a Sazerac Chris made me before bed. If I drink it I will be hammered. If I don't i will be ungrateful and wasteful. I don't share a lot of my personal life here anymore, but I will say this.

This year: More skydiving, ziplining, trip to the Cayman Islands, going to LA for a comedy shoot, and possibly a marriage. Surrounded by friends and family who love me, who I would do anything for, and who show me tremendous love.

Probably some of you guys figure I am an old bitter queen from some of my posts. Some house-bound, AIDS-crippled near idiot. And maybe that's not far from the truth some days.

But there are far more days that belie that. And I am embracing each and every one of those. Now if you wonderful bastards will excuse me, I have a Sazerac to dive into, and will be only sporadically invested in the forum through Fat Tuesday.

Honestly, I am grateful that I haven't gotten the savvy necessary to upload pictures.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  All the best on your day and in the year to come. 

I'm late with posting, but I suspect you're hungover anyway right now.

Happy Birthday!


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