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US Immigration - Ongoing Delay on Entry

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unfortunately, you do have a record of having been denied a visa, so it will always pop up on the computer monitors of immigration officials at the airports. it does take a while to verify both the fact that the visa you now possess is genuine and that the reason for your previous visa denial is no longer a valid ground to reject subsequent visa applications.

being a an hiv+ foreigner myself, i have not experienced any immigration-caused delay at the airports, hiv-related or not (knock on wood!). in fact on my last entry to the US (last January 10th), it only took the immigration officer five minutes to let me in (after having waited about 45 minutes in line, that is). my guess is it's probably due to the fact that i've not been denied a visa. my seroconversion was discovered AFTER the travel ban was lifted, so technically, i've not had to disclose (and maybe nor hide) my hiv status to immigration officials.

go ahead, write that letter to Obama. maybe he will reiterate the change in travel policies for hiv+ foreigners to the US and this may enlighten immigration officials a bit more.

good luck!


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