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Any thoughts re PCP reoccuring


It seems like  i haven't asked a question in ages although im still logging in here every day.

I am not panicking yet......taking each day at a time...but I've noticed a few wee things over the last week.....thrush getting bad again(mouth), ulcers on head again, breathless when walking, dry cough, sweats, weepy, tired.......Im trying to chill out and wait and see what happens over the next few days.

Can i ask anyone who has had Aids diagnosis (like me), including PCP, CMV..if they are prone to going through a cycle of the above?

Its certainly not at the stage  i was before.....where  i couldn't walk and was on  oxygen for nearly 2 months.

I just want to know if  i should expect this...especially at this time of the year?



Having had PCP thrice. I am pretty paranoid now about symptoms. I would call your doctor if it persists. It's not something you ever want to stumble into again, as you know!

I try to err on the side of paranoia when it comes to anything remotely related to respiratory things myself. A person really doesn't thrive after multiple bouts of PCP, and that's an Achilles' Heel for those of us who have had it.

Regardless, I am really sorry you are feeling tired and breathless and stuff. I can especially relate to the weepy. I know I am getting sick when I get drunk-style weepy without getting drunk. It's a scary thing, when your emotions get all wonky. Please don't hesitate to get that seen to.

Hope you feel better soon.

Brit, I've had coccidioidomycosis (commonly known as Valley Fever) which I'm told is similar to PcP.  I even moved out of the area where it's common (Southwestern US - Arizona and Southern California) but can still have flare-ups even when my CD-4 is nice and high.

My best advice is to stay on anti-fungals and never, EVER miss a dose.  It's even more crucial than your HIV meds.  I missed 3 doses of anti-fungal due to a slip-up at the pharmacy during the summer of 2010 and ended up in hospital for 24 days.  Now if necessary I'll drive the 300 miles to get my prescription refilled if they can't get them in the mail.

Thanks darryaz and jkinatl2 .Im wide awake at 3 it really helps me to read the board.Yep, still taking anti fungals(fluconazole) ..probably need to up the doseage.

Re the other symptoms....yes its because I've had the PCP that im wondering if its starting again....the reason I haven't gone to the hospital yet is that  i dont want them to think Im  being over cautious.(last cd4 count in dec was over 500)I've got to work later today...but if I dont feel better by the end of my day....I will phone the clinic.

Cheers again


Ok I phoned in to work sick .My manager knows my diagnosis so was fine...I need some sleep.

Britchick x


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