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My Tattoo Experience This Weekend

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--- Quote from: oksikoko on January 29, 2013, 11:46:01 PM ---don't really have the time to take on a second one.

--- End quote ---
don't fret about the boogey-man of reinfection. Your meds actually work like PrEP and PEP ;)
(all the cases of reinfection to date have been of people WITH viral loads and Non-adherent or not on meds. If there was such a thing as reinfection with all the serosorting barebacking going on, we'd be in the middle of another epidemic - and we're not. ;) )

A) Tats on the muscle don't hurt and I have a shoulder to prove it.

B) Re-infection is a pre-ARV boogeyman. Don't fall for it.

Re-infection: I haven't been brainwashed by whoever it is that you think is spreading misinformation, but I'm not really interested in what you're selling either. I would ignore the thread altogether, but it was my comment yours is aimed at.

I brought it up only to let the guy considering a tattoo know that the symbol has a specific meaning that he may not intend to convey. What he does with that information is not my concern.

I should probably have kept it to myself rather than get everyone's agenda's riled up. It's not relevant to this thread, so I would ask that we drop the subject since I was the one who inadvertently hijacked the thread from away from tattoos.

you said:

--- Quote from: oksikoko on January 29, 2013, 11:46:01 PM ---Besides, I'm a little occupied with my current strain and don't really have the time to take on a second one.

--- End quote ---
and I thought I'd kindly pass on some wisdom that if you're on meds you wouldn't take on a second one (ie a 2nd strain aka reinfection).

no agenda on my part and nothing to "sell". just trying to spread some truth and wisdom to  someone that didn't seem to know. It's kinda what we do here - give support and share knowledge.

why would you ignore this thread? we're talking about biohazard tats right? ???


--- Quote from: oksikoko on January 29, 2013, 11:46:01 PM ---It didn't feel great, but the whole thing was a rite of passage, so… Don't compare a tattoo to nipple piercings. Those are high on the pain-o-meter - or so I've been told. It hurt less than a PA, but a PA takes a second, while this took about an hour.

I think we all have a moral if not legal obligation to inform anyone coming that close to our bodily fluids that we're positive. I know other people feel strongly the other way, but I'm not interested in debating it here. We're all adults, so make your choice and leave me alone about mine. 

So, I called ahead and asked if they would do it. If the answer was anything like "let me check, someone might be willing", I called a new place. I didn't want some scared artist poking me with needles for an hour. I also don't have any interest in traumatizing anyone with what I had intended to be a positive experience. One place made me feel like a Biblical leper, so it was not the most pleasant search, and the whole thing was starting to feel kind of sour.

The place I went with was the only one that made me feel silly for asking. Every single person from the cashier to the tattoo artist was like, "of course, why would it be a problem?" This was the day after Christmas, and since I happen to be without close friends or family right now and my employer had gone out of business the week before, I was particularly low. Their attitude meant more to me than I think they'd ever understand. I feel kinda emotional right now even remembering it.

Anyway, I got it for utility, so the look isn't really important, though I'm glad it seems to have healed OK. I'm still doing the daily Aveeno/Aquaphor thing. If you're going to get one, you should be aware that in certain sub-cultures it's seen as a sign of glorifying HIV and swapping strains and all that. Mine's intended more as a warning than an invitation. Besides, I'm a little occupied with my current strain and don't really have the time to take on a second one.

--- End quote ---

I actually emailed a few places and only heard back from one the next day.  I took the non-response from the others to mean they had no interest in having me as a customer.  When I went to this place, I just walked in and did my thing.  I figure he had a chance to back out, but for some reason didn't.

Anyhow I've shared the pics with a few online friends and all of them like it and understand the meaning.  I'm not looking for anything from having it other then to show myself I'm ok with my life, and I'm living it the way I want too now.

Your's looks good by the way.


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