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Happy Birthday JK!

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OMG! Thanks!!!

It's been a crazy fun birthday. The ferret rescue threw me a party, and Chris' Game Night friends made me a cajun birthday dinner. Tonight I am being abducted to another celebration. It's been a real whirlwind, and I could not be happier.

I have the best bestest most best people in my life, and I'm relentlessly grateful for it. Ferrets who love me, fiance who ordered a ring-sizing kit this week, 225 happy CD4 cells, and nothing actively on fire or screaming for help at the moment. Life is good.

You guys rock.

I'm glad you are having the best day, you, that handsome man of yours and the ferrets deserve it.

Huge birthday hugs
Jan :-*

Rev. Moon:
Happy birthday, Jonathan!

Tons of hugs, good wishes, and much love  :-*

Happy Birthday, J!

Here's hoping that your already awesome day kicks it up yet another notch, as no one is more deserving of lots of love, fun, and joy than you are.


Joe K:
Happy Birthday Jonathan,

Words can never express how much joy, knowledge and support you bring to our world.  I am so pleased that your life is all you hope it could be.  Could not happen to a nicer man, nor is anyone more deserving than you.

Here's to many happy returns.




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