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SF Bay Area Folks! Any recommendations for docs?

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Hey everyone -  Life certainly has been interesting in the last 6 months.  Turns out, I now have an opportunity to move back to the SF Bay area.  After all the crappy stuff over the last 6 months this is another bit of great news personally.  I'll likely be living somewhere between SF and Redwood Shores (yeah, I know that's like a 30 mile stretch or so).

Does anyone have any particularly high opinions of any docs in the area?  My current docs are sort of pushing me toward the team at UCSF of course, but if i'm not living *in* the city that might be a bit tough... though I am trying to find a "relatively affordable" place *in* SF... I miss living there so much!  I apparently left my immune system there, err that's not how the song goes is it? :-)

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences - thank you


I don't know any Docs in SF..but i'll reply just so you don't think people aren't reading your posts :)

*giggle* thanks lincoln :-D

ucsf would probably be a good choice, used to work there and the docs that i was exposed to as a regular patient were always good. also if i remember correctly they have some pretty reliable HIV people there. that was pre infection for me and i wasn't paying particular close attention to the HIV docs then but probably hasn't changed much. there is also ebac (east bay aids clinic) in the east bay, oakland, that has a caring and competent staff from advisers to docs. my place of treatment at the current time.

Hey Lost,

When I asked the same question of these forums a few years ago,
St. Mary's
Sutter Health
University of Pacific
Kaiser Permanente
The VA
Were given as the chosen sites.

I read their websites and called each of the clinics.  From that, the choice was made.


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