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I have a hiatail herrina with a b-ring

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Hope everything goes smoothly. Was wondering where you were!

Hi Dennis

I hope the procedure goes well, and that this helps you with your GERD problems!


Alan   :-*

OK,  I'm still kinda foggy from the Fentanyl 100 mcg and the Versed 7 mgs, and today things are starting to get a little clear, I still don't recall much of yesterday day, and Bob tells me I was very outta of it most of the day............anywho, I'll try not to get to medical here, but here is what happened during the procedure......

Summary: A hiatus hernia was found in the esophagus, and when they attempted to widen the b-ring w/ 18 mm, 19 mm and then a 20 mm ballon, it just passed thur the opening , so the b-ring was then broken w/ biopies and sent out to the lab  :-\

so it looks like they couldn't solve the problem w/ the EGD and dilation, however I'm scheduled  for Barium Swallow (Esophagography, Esophagogram) w/ radiology, I sure hope they can get to the bottom of all this..............onward & upward I guess ::)

Jeff G:
Best of luck and thanks for the update . Hope they fix you up soon buddy .

Thinking of you Dennis, I'm sure you will be fine.

Jan :-*


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