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A "fun" month ahead.

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Miss Philicia:
Indeed. When was your last colonoscopy and/or anoscopy, Mitchell?

1) denb- thanks for the SSDI advice! need all of the help possible. :)

2) buckmark- thank you and no, this is one of those crowns that i never want to take away from miss p. :)

3) wolfie- i think i may be in luck with the endrocrinologist with a prostate exam. :)

4) miss p.- i believe my next colonoscopy is due next year. why did you ask?
worried about my GI doc feeling left out? :)

Just got off the phone with the neuropsychologist.
It was going to be a 10 hour+ test over 3 days with a written report at a cost of $4400.00!
($3000.00 out of pocket because she is "out of network" with the insurance co.)
Found another "in network" doc and it will cost me nothing! :o

Hi Mitch,
I hope it's going well with SSDI. Have you heard anything? I guess I'm fortunate that I got it in '05 and got it on my 1st try. It seems to be a lot harder to get it now.
Hugs from Provincetown, Deiby

Time for my anoscopy in P Town,What Fun....!!!
                           Hugs from Eastham


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