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Thanks for your replies.  This is the biggest challenge I have faced in my life, but in the end, it is just one more hurdle. Figuring all of this out will make us stronger, as it seems to have made many people on this board stronger. I am thankful for this online community, it is exactly what I have been looking for: a group of positive, educated, supportive folks.

tsw923 and HHJ1976 -  any chance either of you would like to talk over IM ? I would really like to talk with some people in similar situations. It sounds like we are in similar situations and similar demographics. While I hope to draw and provide support from the entire community, your posts stuck out for me as people in a similar situation at a similar time. 
thanks ...

HHJ -- as they say, 'The same thing that'll make you laugh will make you cry.'  So I'm trying to go with the laughing thing now.  :)  I figure that if I start cyring I'll probably be curled up in a ball until tne end of November.  And while that is appealing, the bills need to get paid.  Unfortunately, while I 'won' the HIV lottery, I seem to be failing miserably at winning the megamillions so I've gotta keep moving.   How are you doing?  You seem to be really taking this in stride.  :)

SRMN98 -- No problem with IM -- can we do it here?  Otherwise, send me a message here with your here with your AIM and we can chat.  I must warn you though, once I go back to work we will have to schedule time to chat.  Hang in there -- and I'll check on Monday and give you whatever support you need.


tsw: You know, the beautiful part about being a lifelong cynic (and hypochondriac) is that while the news of being HIV+ is surprising, it's not totally shocking.  At least, now, I don't have a "nameless disease".  i don't know if the diagnosis is going to make the hypochondria better or worse, but I'm a little bit relieved to have been diagnosed with something (I sound like a flippin' lunatic, I know).

For some reason, I'm not afraid to tell people my status.  I figure that if I get really sick with PCP, or something, they're going to figure it out, considering that healthy people with normal immune functions don't get that.  I'm not afraid to talk about HIV.  I've done plenty of reading within the past few days, and I have found that HIV, while holding a bit of a negative stigma, isn't the death sentence that it used to be with proper medical care.

In my diagnosis, I want people to know that they really cannot tell by looking at a person if they have HIV (or anything else, for that matter).  If they don't know how they can and cannot contract it, I want to learn enough about it to teach them.  I want them to know that "yes, it can happen to me", and that you can still be close friends with someone who has it without getting the virus, yourself.  I'll be damned if I'm going to get something like this, and not do something about it.  I don't consider the virus a "gift", but I'm going to make the best of the hand that I've been dealt.

srmn: Do we have messaging on here?  Or would we have to go through our regular IM service (like yahoo, msn, or aol)?

HHJ --

You sound like an activist in the making  :D  I agree with you on many points.  I have a cousin who is ill (not from HIV) who has kept it from everyone but me.  Now she's in fear that an outpatient surgery could turn to inpatient and that everyone will find out.  Before I found out about my status, I counselled her that she needs to tell her father because he shouldn't find out about her illness when he gets a call that she's been checked into the hospital.  LOL -- Wow now the shoe is on the other foot.  I will tell the 'rents, but I want to get another month of meds under my belt and hopefully another blood test that hopefully shows some improvement.  Then we can sit down and have 'the talk'.  What's more important for me is that I can try to convince my folks that I'm not going to keel over the very next day.  So I have to have the information to lay out in front of them because they, like a lot of people, still think that HIV is the ultimate death sentence.

I was getting my hair braided at a salon where we watched Oprah last Friday and the introduction of the RED campaign.  It was really ticking me off what some of the women were saying about people with HIV/AIDS.  It never really occurred to me how ignorant we (notice I include me) all still are about HIV.  Anyway, I found myself trying to defend without disclosing -- weird.  That's why I know I've gotta tell my family -- don't want them reading about me in some newspaper somewhere...



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