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Chia seeds

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Picked up my first batch of "CHIA SEEDS" the natural version (not in capsule). I bought a mix of the white and black seeds and had it tonight in my smoothie......really great texture!!!

I' m always the last to accept the science and spruiking of a natural product that's billed to solve health problems...........however I have relented in this case!!!! You all might be on to this product already? Old news?

CHIA SEEDS have been known as a fantastic Super Food for centuries in the Aztec world and after reading extensively about does seem pretty a rediscovered treasure for the 21 century!

Apparently taking the world by storm recently too! Hard to find in my part of the world cause as soon as its doesn't stay long enough on the shelves!!!!

Seems perfect for us pozzies due to its abundance of antioxidants / calcium / omega 3 / fibre / energy boost / stable blood sugars etc.........

Anyone else consuming it for a while that can report first hand on its benefits to one's health?


Miss Philicia:
I sometimes buy this cereal mix of pumpkin fig/ancient grains and it contains chia seeds, along with amaranth and quinoa flakes.

EEP! That would be like eating my sweet little Chia Pet!!!


heh. Couldn't resist.

Everyone in the kettlebell class is trying chia seeds.  They all have xtra energy.  I seem to feel a difference. 


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