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Trying to lose weight

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I've lost about 35 pounds (16kilos) in 3 months.  I did it by cutting out all fried foods, and drinking nothing but water.  I also write down and limit my daliy calorie intake to 1,500 - 2,000 calories a day.  6 days a week I go to the gym and swim.  I started off swimming 1,500 meters, and I'm now up to 3,250 meters each day.

That's great windy! That's not even a drastic calorie restriction. Just goes to show what a little effort can accomplish.  ;D

The chia seeds I have been trying goes in and expands which makes You feel full. They also add fiber to your intestines.

Hugs Bobby

I remember reading somewhere weight gain is typical when people start meds, not from any particular side effect, but because your body is functioning more 'normally.'  During my ARS, I went from 152 lbs to 136 lbs!  Yikes.  I was able to gain it back before I started meds, but after I started meds I did put on a little more weight.  I chalked it up to the depression I went through after diagnosis, but it's nice to know biology was playing a role.

I always tell people the best way to lose weight is to record what you eat.  There's quite a number of smartphone apps that link up to a website so you can input food on your phone or on your computer.  They'll ask you some generic questions about age, sex, gender, activity level, and weight loss goal and prescribe a calorie limit based on that or you can input your own usually.  From there you just record everything you eat.  I have a small kitchen scale to weigh things out.  While I admit that might be a little much for some people, but it isn't long before you get an idea of how much your favorite foods in your favorite amounts weigh.  Also, I'll cook all my meals for a few days all at once, weigh them out into individual Tupperware and have prepared, set calorie meals for the week that I can take with me to school.

In terms of activity, it's a calories consumed vs calories expended, so I agree with texan that you want your workouts to be a little more vigorous, but work into them slowly.  Instead of focusing specifically on weight loss (it'll happen naturally if you're cutting calories), set a specific and reasonable goal for your workouts, "I'm gonna jog X amount of miles in Y amount of minutes" and I agree with texan you should include some resistance training, start small and build up.  There's LOTS of resources on the internet describing exercises that you can do at home.  Also try and keep your activity varied.  Jogging is great, but can get a little boring.  Biking, yoga, hiking, swimming, hell even rock climbing.  The same smartphone apps usually have a feature to record activities as well.

Good Luck Hzandi!  Here's to a happy, healthy 30!

Hey Guys!!!  Thanks a lot for the support!  I really appreciate it  ;)

Just an update, i have lost about 7kilos so far and its all due to me not being true to my diet.  I just cant help but indulge on the yummy food we buy for our clients at work at times. 

I'm in no hurry, I'm not in a terrible shape though I do have goal weight.   Since I started my meds I have cut down drastically on alcohol which will also make a huge difference in a long run... Winter is on its way in SA.... OMG the winter stews are my weakness.. and waking up in the mornings for my jogs is going to be a huge mission.  i wish i could move to another country just until this season is over... Not gonna happen, just have to practice self control.

I must say though, I feel so healthy, free at heart as well as there is no more fear (with regards to HIV).  I have it all under control and loving it!!   A healthy happy 30 (and many many more year!) it will be!!!

Mega Love!!


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