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Trying to lose weight

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Hey Hzandi it's good to know you are doing awesome.

With regards to weight lose and exercise  I'm looking at it from the other end of things and was wondering if I can get any advice too.

I used to weigh just about 72kg before Infection it's bin about 6months since infection and I've lost 5kg, no exercise no diet change not on meds, maybe stress. 5kg doesn't sound much buh actually looking at my image in a mirror makes me cringe. 

I keep telling myself I should exercise and I keep fixing dates to start buh I never ever get to it and recently I started using the weight loss as an Execuse not to exercise since that may imply losing more weight.

So my question is for someone who is positive, not on meds yet and is currently having weight loss issues what would you recommend I do with regards to exercising.

You are right.
Jogging is what makes me fit.
I tried dozens of different diets, but my metabolism is all over the place, so the only hope was jogging (I run half-marathon, every other day).


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