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Trying to lose weight

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Hey guys,

I hope you'll be able to help me out here. I have been on Atripla for a month now and really doing well besides the minor rash that is clearing now.

I have been eating very healthy and jogging/walking for about 45minutes at least 5 times a week.

I'll be 30 years old by June and would like to have lost 10k's by that time.   Do you think I will be able to make it?

Do you think its difficult to lose weight when you are on HIV meds or it makes no difference?

I'm a fitness instructor, and also positive, so maybe i can help you out a little here!

In terms of medications, I dont think any pills have a direct effect on your ability to lose weight but may have side effects that could affect weight loss goals. some pills tend to curb your appetite while others might suppress the HIV symptom of reduced appetite and allow you to eat more that you had been able to previously. Every medicine is different, and everyone's body is different so it is kind of impossible to say how you will react to Atripla, but generally speaking (from my somewhat limited knowledge of HIV meds) there shouldn't really be any reason why your meds should stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

In terms of diet and exercise, id say 5 days a week is an excellent number to be exercising. Ideally, to lose weight you need to get your heart rate up. Unless you are pretty overweight, this will probably involve more than walking, jogging will most likely get you there if you are moving for a long enough period of time. I'd suggest getting a heart rate monitor and determining what range you need to be in in order to be getting a good cardio workout. I am 5'10 and weigh 150 pounds, for me to be in a "cardio zone" my heart rate needs to be in the 150-160 range. Typically, the more weight you have to lose will determine the speed at which you will be able to lose it. 10 kgs is roughly 20 pounds. You didnt mention your starting weight or height but considering you are not already in an average or below average weight, giving yourself 4 or 5 months to lose 20 pounds if you are doing cardio 5 days a week and eating healthily seems very reasonable. Studies also suggest that its good for HIV positive people to also include some strength training into their exercise regimens, so you might want to consider adding some weights and ab work.

just a few insights from me. hope this was somewhat helpful!

Thank you very much.. this helps a lot!
Really appreciate your response...

It is absolutely possible to loose weight despite meds.
I have lost more than 10 KG in 3 months. I only ate crispbread with cottage cheese, organic unrefined flax seed oil and vegetarian yeast paste and a small lunch (+vitamin supplements). Nearly no sugar and worthless white flour, refined satured fats and other crap. :)
And a bit endurance sports.

Good luck

Thanks Matts!!.... :-)


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