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Have insurance and copay assistance from Gilead but Complera still over $500/mo!

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Thank you for the heads up emeraldize. I'll look into the NYC ASO link in the meantime.

Hey dcity, welcome...Depending on income requirements that vary with each state you can contact ADAP New York at tel. # 1-800-542-2437.  They also help people with doctor visits, etc through ADAP plus if you qualify.  ASO's vary by borough (county).  In Queens we have ACQC (AIDS Center of Queens County in Jamaica, NY). You can also contact for info.  PM me if you have any issues.


Spoke to my Dr today- he suggested applying for the ADAP as well as contacting Gilead for an additional patient assistance program (in addition to the co-pay assistance). We discussed switching to Atripla since its considerably less expensive. Any thoughts?

I was in a similar situation and it may be that ADAP will not cover you because of your insurance, but your ASO can work with you to get you a PAP.

I just sent in my ADAP application today.

I called Gilead to speak to them regarding the Patient Assistance Program. They said that they couldn't help me financially in addition to the co-pay assistance program because I still have insurance.

Any insight into how long the ADAP process takes?

Also, naive question- what is an ASO?


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