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Have insurance and copay assistance from Gilead but Complera still over $500/mo!

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I was recently diagnosed in October and have been on Complera since December. I mentioned my concern about cost to my doctor and he offered me the Gilead Co-Pay Assistance Program Card (which certainly does help alleviate some of the cost of the meds each month). However, Im still paying more than $500 after insurance and the Gilead "coupon" every month for a 30-day supply of meds.

Is there a less expensive option? Need I switch to a different medication?

I've read throughout the forums that people pay around $30 a month- is this possible?

I would greatly appreciate any and all input! Thanks!

I think how much you pay depends on the type of prescription coverage you have through your insurance and if you have a deductible to meet. For example, my yearly deductible for medication is $250 and then after that it is $20/month for my meds.
Call your insurance and ask if you have a deductible. If not the case then it could just be poor prescription coverage that your employer offers.

Hi dcity,
have you tried checking in with your local ASO to find out if your state's ADAP would cover the copays?
my insurance coverage is good, but ADAP covers my copay.
i'm not sure where you live, but if you were able to provide a bit more info others on this site may be able to help you more.
this is also a great place to ask questions and learn from others.

Hey all thanks so much for your input. I currently live in NYC.
How do I look into the ADAP or ASO?


The above link some ASOs in NYC may get you started but there are some smart guys on the forum who can save you time. I will PM one of them and others may chime in meanwhile.


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