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In an attempt to sound funny...I never want to get to the polyester phase..Seriously, how do you know you wont ???

I kow that I have started taking better care of myself since the diagnosis..I have quit smoking and eat fish (used to hate fish)..I actually think I'm in better health than my neg friends...We're gonna live forever !


Queen Tokelove:

I know finding out that you are poz has you upset right now. We have all been there and like many says, it's gets better in time. I do not know much about hiv and being pregnant but I have heard that babies come out fine.

You are already taking the first step by admitting it did take 2 instead of pointing the finger or blaming the other. I will even say you are bold because you are making the attempt to tell those who you've slept with. It will prolly be an emotional rollercoaster but I don't think anyone will kill you. I felt that way when my sister decided to tell someone I was intimate with. I have seen him since and I am still alive and walking even though if looks could kill, I would've suffered several deaths....*LOL*

I have been on this site for a short while but I love it already because of the people and their posts. There are some things we have in common and some things I look at as future reference if I'm not at a certain point. It is also good to know that there are others that goes through some of the same things you do. Welcome to the site. Like my doctor told me once, " You can choose to live to live or you can choose to live to die", it may sound harsh but it is the truth. Good Luck!


Queen Akasha

I want to thank all of you for your posts.  I'm in a bit of a negative mindframe (although I've always been a bit of a cynic, anyways), but obviously, I'm a little bit more cynical, now.  My husband may be joining this site, too.  He went to get tested yesterday.  He told me that if he has it, he has it.  It doesn't change our relationship, with an exception of the fact that we both are going to start taking better care of ourselves.

To tell you the truth, though, I was thinking about being eighty, and that thought just doesn't appeal to me too much.  lol...  Well, not the Depends part, anyways.  Most of my family passes from heart trouble before then, so, it's probably not going to be the HIV that whacks me out if I live to be a senior.  I was just being a bit of a pessimist when I wrote that (hopefully, understandably so).

I'm tired, and I'm getting depressed, but you've reassured me in the success rate of AZT of protecting my baby from getting HIV, too.  I want him or her to be able to live a life without the stigma of HIV, and to be able to live day to day without medication and blood counts.  I pray that my husband doesn't have it.  Actually, right now, I'm praying a lot of things.   :-[


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