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feel shit

Do you mean physically or mentally?  I have a feeling both, as they go hand in hand.  Sending positive energy from Kentucky that you feel better soon. 

Take care. 

@Growler I don't want to hijack your thread but I feel the same! I'm easily tired these days. I used to have so much more energy. I think it could be because of my:
- meds & lack of proper sleep on the meds
- vitamin d deficiency (taking supplements for it)
- winter
- depression
I told my doctor about it and he asked me if it is something I could manage. And I said yes because I don't think there is much he can do about it except put me on something other than Atripla.

Maybe I should pop those 5 hour energy pills.. The guy in the ad does a very good job of selling it!

I have the same issue.  i believe my issue is similar to Contagion's issues, lack of sleep, work, meds, little deprression.  I'm usually good with the energy at the beginning of the day, but it hits hard about noon and i just want to go home and crawl in the bed.   

i have to force myself to the gym, once i get there and get started, the energy usually comes back full force and usually screws up my sleep.

Hey Growler, sorry you are feeling bad. Are you still under doctors care? Are you still in your apartment?

Hope you feel better very soon!



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