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AMG Chicago Attendance

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Jeff G:
Midway Airport would be my choice because the train from midway is much less fuss to get to the hotel than from O'Hare ... much less trouble and time .

And you folks that are scared of public transportation , don't be . If you take the train from midway its a straight shot to the loop and all you need to know is the closest stop to the hotel . It will save you a least $25 in cab fare .

Henry , you are   correct  I was having a  real "brain fog"  for a few days    ,  have  several  good  possibilities  to  Midway  lined up..... will get a ticket next week....


I originally was going to say that I was going to Florida to see Grandma instead of going to Chicago.  But then that changed today.

I had a job interview today at a grocery store and was offered the job.  It has it down sides one being that it is 50 cents an hour less, the other is not being able to go to Chicago or Florida.  :'(

The upside is that after one year I get vacation so next year is a definite.  :)

Michelle 8)

just thought a little bump here might get some excitement going on Chicago.

we are looking forward to meeting everyone that seems to be on board!

it will be a bit surreal seeing as though this is our first time. (aka. AMG virgins)

can't wait to meet you all in person. :)

I've not decided yet if I'm flying or driving.  We're driving to Chi Town in the beginning of May.  That'll help decide if I really want to make that trip alone.  Also debating on taking my mother to visit her sister in Fort Wayne and just taking the bus from there...choices, choices!


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