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AMG Chicago Attendance

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[i Ch]As of this Morning Carl is attending the 2013 AMG Chicago[/i][/color]

    Well Folks Bob called the Hotel and got my Reservation  reinstated  ;D

   We talked , He said BUY A PHONE !

    My trip to Saint Louis ,I had no phone .  Bob said it was the first time in
  over 30 years I  did not call him everyday while on a vacation  :'(

   I know it was rude of me , But I wanted a day of freedom .  Not really
 worth having an argument by me being stubborn .

   Next  move  NEW PHONE  ;)

                                   Happy AMG ,

    Edited to fix bad spelling and color  :) 

Great news Carl! :)
Now get that phone!
See you in Chicago! 8)

Awesome Carl, looking forward to seeing you again.  Chi Town might never be the same again.  :O 

Hey Carl,

Glad you will be in Chicago after all!

That is great news.




--- Quote from: mitch777 on July 08, 2013, 11:52:51 AM ---Great news Carl! :)
Now get that phone!
See you in Chicago! 8)

--- End quote ---

   Oh Dear !   

      Now I will be arriving  via  Connecticut  ::)

      Not sure if by train or by Plane ?   

       Then returning home I hope    :)    Looks like a busy summer !



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