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AMG Chicago Attendance

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the best that i am able to say at this point is that it is a strong maybe.
this would be my first and my partner Ken and I hopefully will attend.
my health and ssdi are the current issues.
wish i could be more definitive.

Thank you Dennis for all you've done over the long history of AMG. 

I too plan on attending.


I plan on attending this year even those dates are terrible for me :P

Hello everyone. If you know anyone who will be attending AMG this year, and they have not posted so, please reach out to them and ask them to please do so.

Based on the limited number of confirmations thus far, I will not be able to secure a contract with the hotel.


First, thanks to all who put the effort into organizing this.

As much as I would like to attend, due to schedule conflicts it looks like less than 50% chance that I can.  I will know more as I get closer to the date.



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