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UK Question: If you don't disclose and the condom breaks?

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Hi guys,

I'm wondering do your HIV meds help with swollen lymph nodes? I've had swollen lymph nodes since November and it's really doing me in now. My doc has told me that I have to wait until I get a positive diagnosis and even if I get my diagnosis there will not be any meds prescribed unless my CD4 count is low enough.

What meds would you recommend that has the least side effects and will help with the swollen lymph nodes? Since I had my initial sero conversion symptoms I've felt somewhat run down. I still have a mild rash but it's cleared up a lot since December. All other symptoms are gone now, it's just the damn lymph nodes, they hurt like hell!

I have read about the French trial that says starting out on ARV's can make people become "elite controllers", this is another reason why I want to get straight into the meds, even if my CD4 count is still very high.

I hope you guys don't feel offended that I'm posting before my diagnosis, it's just I live in an area where there are no HIV specialists so I'd love to get some expert opinions as I know my doctor will be working on years out of date advice.

I respectfully ask that this does not become a you are not HIV+ thread, I just want to talk about the meds, thanks.

What would happen if you was HIV+ and you didn't disclose, lets say the condom breaks and the other person catches HIV, highly unlikely scenario but still.

I am a straight male who is going to have to face a life of being HIV+. I like to be positive and upbeat about things in life and have convinced myself that everything will be ok because I can just take ARV's and use condoms and not tell any partners.

But at the same time, I do not want to break the law and end up in prison.


--- Quote ---My doc has told me that I have to wait until I get a positive diagnosis
--- End quote ---

Yes you do.

After then when to start treatment depends on your view and your doc's and what your country's guidelines permit, and perhaps financing. Starting at a CD4 count of around 350 is pretty much a universal recommendation these days. Above that level it depends on your and your doc's view of the science, which is unsettled pro/con wise.

If you do have HIV, treatment tends to help with swollen lymph nodes, but only if you have HIV.

- matt

Thanks for the reply, sure is a relief to hear the meds help.

I will look at a poz diagnosis the same way a diabetic would look at his condition. Yes you have HIV but it's a treatable condition, not a death sentance. CD4 count aside my primary reason for wanting to go on meds is so that I can reduce the risk of passing the virus onto others as much as possible.

From a moral stance I am currently abstaining from sex until a) I get a poz diagnosis and b) I have an undetectable viral load.

as someone who has not been confirmed to have HIV, I have requested that your posts on forums specifically designed for HIV positive people only to be moved, hopefully here if they are relevant.

What I am hearing is that you were with someone sexually and the condom broke? As this part of the forum is for risk assessment, a few more details would certainly help.


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