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Help pretty confused

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Everything I have read about the hiv1 proviral dna test indicates that it is not intended to be used as a diagnostic tool. It can be used to confirm or deny an infection if an indeterminate Western Blot test occurs. And while running tests will in no way impact PEP or your results, PEP WILL have an impact on the ability of the test to detect HIV-infected lymphocytes.

Even if the doctor was running a baseline HIV test to see if you were previously  infected with HIV, I don't understand how running that test during your course of PEP will be of much use. Again, maybe someone else authorized to respond here can fill me in if this information is outdated or incorrect.

As for Kaletra causing bruises, I have read anecdotal reports that though rare, several drugs used to treat HIV can lower certain types of platelets, causing susceptibility to bruising. Among those are the other two medications you are taking, zidovudine (aka AZT)
and lamivudine (aka 3TC.)

Here is a link to these and other drugs used to treat HIV (and also for PEP and PrEP)

You will note that the two drugs I mentioned are usually found in a single pill, called Combivir. And AZT can be a wretched beast, let me tell you. It is one of the first drugs developed (repurposed, actually) to treat HIV in the 80s and 90s, and at it's lowest dose it is still basically chemotherapy.

I will be blunt. These are potentially rough drugs, and you may be in for a rough month while taking them. I urge you to read up on them using the link I added, and do not hesitate to call your doctor if you experience any of the more serious side effects.

I was on AZT for a year - granted it was a FAR higher dose than you are taking - and for the entire year I felt like absolute hell. Fevers, anemia, stomach issues. The works. Quit that stuff as soon as better things came out, and haven't looked back since.

I was on Kaletra for less than two months before I demanded to be put on a better regimen. At the time I did not have a laptop or smartphone, so spending seven hours a day in the bathroom was an experiment in both agony and boredom.

Please remember that you will almost certainly come out of this OK.

Thanks for the reply. This is honestly a living hell. I keep wanting to contact the police but I have zilch. I honestly was put in a cab and sent home. I just called the police. It doesn't sound hopeful, but I feel that I should report something. I can't even recall where they live. It makes me sick to my stomach.

I would like to thank you all for listening to me. Would Anne or another person agree about the test? If those test could pick HIV up so easily why even prescribe PeP?

Well I just filled a report. They looked a bit disgusted. Nice enough but you could tell. I should have gone that day.


--- Quote from: Notsureaboutmyname on January 25, 2013, 07:02:26 PM ---Well I just filled a report. They looked a bit discussed. Nice enough but you could tell. I should have gone that day.

--- End quote ---

You did what you could do. If nothing else, this act might give you a little bit of relief.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. I could tell they thought I was just gross. Like "how can that happen?" Kind of adds to the whole I feel gross and dirty thing. All my friends that I have told tell me I am building everything up in my head, but I am freaked out. I know it sounds silly but I am honestly afraid that I was passed around.

I guess I should focus on making it through PeP, but it's still hard not to focus. I called another doc today to get his opinion on those test. I get a final one back on Monday that will let me know if I contracted gonorrhea and chlamydia. But with the proviral dna test why would the prescribe 28 days of PeP if they could find out so soon? I know that it's not for detecting HIV but honestly at this moment I'm just confused.

I had to sign up.:) money is tight right now as PeP has a hefty price tag but for the moment it's just nice to talk to people.


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