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Help pretty confused

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Hey everyone I hate to bother you but can you give me an idea of the transmission satestics? I have seen a number of them and they all seem to vary a bit. One that I pulled off a study said transmission from a postive top to a negative bottom is like 30% to 60% does this sound correct?

I called a place today and have yet to hear back. I would like to talk to someone who is informed about PEP but being in Arizona it has been hard. I need to prepare for both the best and worst news and it is incredibly hard at the moment.


Those types of statistics were pulled out of somebody's ass hat.

They're wild guesses at best because transmission rates (ie X amount of transmissions occurring following Y amount of risky acts) cannot be ethically studied.

Think about it. How would you set such a study up? Take a person and have them have unprotected anal intercourse with a poz top and count how many times it takes before they end up positive themselves?

Like I said, guesses at best.

I've already told you this - STOP searching the internet for all things hiv. All you're doing is fuelling your fears and upping your stress levels.

We're not here to hold your hand every time you cause yourself more worry courtesy of Google. Hand-holding is beyond the scope of this forum.

We've given you all the relevant information we can, now you're just going to have to get busy with other things while you wait for the appropriate time to test.

I fully expect you will test negative.


I know and thanks Ann. Just with everything going on I am having a hard time. I have made some calls today to find a councilor and made an appointment today with a doctor who know what's going on with PEP. I am sorry for bothering you all but this has been my only outlet to speak about what I'm going through.


--- Quote from: Notsureaboutmyname on January 25, 2013, 11:14:14 AM ---
Out of the flash backs non are of me getting fucked, but the people I left the bar with are abvously the worst kind of people.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Notsureaboutmyname on January 27, 2013, 01:28:26 PM ---
This is a huge worry for me as I am certain this person has HIV. All I recall was a quick insertion and I freaked out, but so much of it is a blur.

--- End quote ---

This has been in the back of my mind, bugging the hell out of me.

When you first posted and this incident was fresh in your mind, you didn't recall getting fucked nor did you initially mention any insertion.

I think your imagination has been running away with you.

The other thing that comes across in your posts (and has been bugging me) is that you seem to think you can tell if a person is poz or not by looking at them and/or by their behaviour. News flash: You can't. Hiv lives in people of all shapes, colours, sizes and personality types. It lives in people from ALL walks of life. It doesn't discriminate and neither should you.

In this case, I get the feeling that you think this guy(s) is poz because you think he's "obviously the worst kind of people".

Good people get hiv all the time too - and being poz doesn't automatically make a person the "worst kind of people". I think this is what is really behind your fears - you fear becoming the "worst kind of people" yourself. Knock it off. That attitude fuels and perpetuates the stigma and discrimination we poz people face every day of our lives. I'll thank you to stop adding to it.

I still fully expect you will come out of all this drama ok and hiv negative. Seriously.


While I agree I may be letting my imagination get the best of me I know this person is positive. The events are very hard to recall and while I am scared I was also taken advantage of. I am sorry and I didn't mean to be rude about it this is just a very ugly situation.


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