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A schizophrenic with possible HIV infection.

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Hello Ann, Andy, RapidRod, jkinatl2 and thunter34.

From 3 days I have been having mild pain and tingling feeling in my knee caps. I don't have pain anywhere else in my body though. I never had knee pains before in my entire life. And yesterday, I had a mild fever which lasted a day. I don't have the fever anymore but, my knee caps are still aching and tingling mildly. It feels as if the muscle and cartilage in my knee area seems to be tightened up. Plus I have loose stools from 2 days not diarrhea though. After Ann's opinion regarding my entire sexual history, my mind was at ease and I forgot about the whole incident and I didn't even bother for testing myself. But, after the sudden fever for a day and aching knee caps got me concerned again. Could I please have your expert opinions on this?

I booked a free Rapid HIV Test on February 11th conducted by the New Zealand government. February 11th would be the 22nd day from the day I received my first and only no risk Handjob. Please enlighten me with your opinions. Is the 22nd mark good enough for a rapid HIV test?

One more issue I would like to add here is that the knee pains, loose stools and mild fever occurred after 7 days of the massage incident. This is why I got concerned even after forgetting everything. :'(

Doesn't change a thing. You still don't have an HIV issue.

Thanks for your reply RapidRod. All of a sudden my fever is back right now and I feel weak as well. Anyhow, since you said that this is not an HIV issue at all, I will take your word for it.

I forgot to mention a detail in my previous posts. When the parlor lady was giving me a handjob, we both were naked and she was sitting on my thigh. Therefore, her vagina was very close to my scrotum while she was giving me the handjob. However, there was no contact at all between her and my genitals. Would this pose as a risk for HIV to fly and get into my peehole since her vagina was close to my scrotum?? :(


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